How's it Made?


Twist it, Turn it, Spin it....can you get the ring off? 

Horseshoe Tricks made right here in Canada!

Sometimes, we hear comments, "Cool!" "That's really neat!" and there are other times when we hear comments that our line can easily be duplicated - we think not!  After all, we finish all of the horseshoe products with a special solution... almost as secret as how Cadbury gets the caramel into each little square!  

How's it Made? 

The first step is to gather all of the components:
2 horseshoes, 2 chain links, and one lucky ring

Next, we dip the horseshoes into a unique finishing solution!  We'd love to tell you about the solution but really... that is our secret!

The horseshoes are hung to dry 

Next, the chains are carefully welded onto the horseshoes (of course we would never suggest doing this at home!) Our welder is is a qualified tradesman :)

After the links are welded in place it's done!  Errr.... no.  Next, the sanding begins!  Each horseshoe chain link and horseshoe are carefully sanded to remove the residue created by the welds.  We carefully get into each nook and cranny to get the horseshoe tricks prepared for the next step.

It's time to attach the ring so the fun can begin!  Your job is to figure out how to get the ring off!  Twist it, turn it, spin it!  

Let the fun begin!!



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