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All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” 
                                                                                      Walt Disney


Entrepreneurship goes beyond Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs & Anita Roddick.  Entrepreneurship is an attitude, a drive to move forward with vision.

Monique Van Beilen ranks high on the list of strong, Canadian women capturing the entrepreneurial spirit and forging ahead. 

After numerous years of assisting Brad, President of Nature’s Window, Monique caught the entrepreneurial bug!  With a love for people and a proven ability to work within tight timelines, Monique knew there was something beyond the walls of gift shows.

And, Silent Bidders was born…

Monique has created an innovative concept providing options for baby boomers and retirees.  This successful lady has revolutionized the way we downsize and redistribute estate belongings.

Looking for comics? Antiques?  Stamps? Chances are you will find it at www.silentbidders.ca every auction is unique!

Questions about how to be part of this venture can be sent directly to monique@silentbidders.ca

We are appreciative of the many years of support and hard work Monique contributed to Nature’s Window.            

We wish her great success in her ventures at www.silentbidders.ca


All the best Monique!

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